20 Content Marketing Tips To Make Your Blog Impactful


That’s not a new thing if you tend to run out of content ideas for your campaign at some point of time. Everyone has experienced it. It happens when you have to constantly develop your content to stay in the business, or else, lose your ranking.

These are the three main issues content marketers face in the long run:

  • Sometimes, you cannot create enough content
  • You create content but it doesn’t get the kind of engagement you anticipated.
  • You feel fatigued finding ways to make your content more interesting.

If you are the one of those 54% content marketers facing these challenges, we have some simple and actionable tips for you. But before that, make sure you hire the best Canada SEO company for content optimization.

How to Make Your Blog Impactful

  1. Stick to specific: Make your content focused on certain aspect of your brand/product. In this way you catch more attention and you build authority.
  2. Curate Human Recognition:Curation of relevant responses to make your content more meaningful and sharable.
  3. Don’t Only Use Your Mind: Access to communities and customers and get inspired. Search topics related to your niche.
  4. Review the buying cycle and the type of content: find answers to these questions:
    • What do you want to accomplish with your content?
    • Who are your target audience?
    • Where would you want your readers to land in the buying cycle, by means of your content?
  5. Assess your objectives: The strategy and the content should always go hand in hand. So, it’s important to review both time and again.
  6. Move your audience: If your content fails to make your audience emotional, it’s useless. Use images, videos and other type of content to create that feel.

How to Face the Writer’s Block

  1. Drafting: If it’s the outline that’s causing problem, begin with drafting. Then you can always reverse engineer the main outline of your content.
  2. Talk instead of writing: Conversational style attracts readers. So, write in such a way that you’re talking to someone in front of you. Make sure you know what kind of audience it’s for and adopt the same tone.
  3. Perfection is not the focus here: One of the reason for writer’s block is when he intends to get perfection. You’re not perfect and the whole world isn’t either. So, stop trying to consume time and energy to get the perfection. Be simple and plain. You can always make adjustments in revision.
  • What’s the idea time: Your brain works better at specific time of the day. Find it and utilize the whole of it in copywriting. If your brain works in small chunks at different times, identify those and input your 110% during these slots.

How to Refine and Repurpose Old Content

  • The basics: Customize the content, reconstruct it. For instance, restructure the eBook to be more industry specific. In this way, you’ll come up with more versions for different industries.
  • Create lists: Collect all the resources your audience show interest in and rank them.
  • Target industry leaders: Interview is the best way to share their thoughts. And you’ll get more audience as well.
  • Live blogging: You can also find online or offline events relevant to your target audience and add them on your blog.

Learn How Influencers Market their Content

  • The basics: Consider how influencers can affect actions and how willing they are. Don’t just focus on their achievements.
  • Avoid distractions: There are more ways to fame than associating with influencers. Moreover, popular influencers may not be able to create the same positive impact on your brand that you intended.
  • Validation: Use multiple tools to validate and short list influencers through manual inspection.
  • Share your game plan: Include examples of audience’s favorite because they’re already talking to them. Don’t hesitate to share how you plan on attracting, engaging and partnering with them.
  • Be an expert yourself: You can explain your boss how influencer marketing works and what it really is.
  • Keep monitoring the results: If you keep focusing on social shares vs CTRs, you might end up getting ambiguous influencer results. Think beyond these factors for better influencer results.


If you think you’re not getting engagement or your content is not as impressive as you think, there must be a problem with the marketing strategy. While you look for ways to refine your strategy, these ideas will help you “run the show” smoothly.

Keep in mind that these tips are your way out when you’re stuck with content generation. By no means, they can be compared with the fresh content, still, they can be used to make your content more meaningful.