4 Alternative Charging Options


What’s the first thing that you hate as a gadget lover? The answer is simple, their not so impressive battery lives. As a gadget lover, you always strive to find ways that can increase your gadget’s battery life. We all try different methods to increase our gadget’s battery life. Some try to minimize the screen brightness while others try to switch off their wireless activity. But minimizing the functionality takes away all the fun that your gadget can offer. In this article we will tell you different solutions that you can use in order to keep your device’s battery fully charged.

  • Multi point USB Charger:

Multi point USB chargers are great for those who like to carry multiple gadgets where ever they go. It’s difficult to find multiple charging locations when you are travelling. You might actually look like a freak if you try to charge all your gadgets at a public place. For such people a 6 point USB charger is the perfect solution. Its small in size and you can carry it with you wherever you go. Simply find one power plug and you will be ready to charge all your devices simultaneously.

  • Car chargers:

This one is for those who travel a lot. While travelling, we often use our smart phone’s GPS navigation extensively. Such use drains out the battery quickly. But with a USB car charger that can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter, you will never run out of juice.

  • Power banks:

Power banks can be thought of as mobile power reserves. They are small in size, some as small as a lipstick or a match stick box. Don’t confuse them for alternative batteries. You have to plug your device into the power bank through a USB wire. A power bank also has to be charged independently so that it has enough current in it to charge your devices.

  • Battery cases:

Battery cases are similar to power banks but with a major difference. While power banks come in the shape of blocks, battery cases are strap-ons. You strap your device into a battery case and then use it in the normal way. Just as a power bank, a battery case also needs to be charged independently. One thing to keep in mind before you buy a battery case is that you should make sure about its compatibility with your device. Since battery cases are strap-ons, they come in device specific shapes.

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