6 Ways Blogging Can Boost Your Small Business


If you think blogging is dead, you probably don’t read any. In fact, blogging is vital for small businesses, and it has helped millions of businesses to prosper. As a business owner who has years of experience and industry, blogging can pay back big time. Even for the new starters, they can elevate their brands if they stick to consistent blogging.

You are aware of the power of internet and SEO and you must be having one of the top SEO companies in Canada to optimize your website. What if you add your input to their efforts? Ask them and they’ll tell you exactly the following:

  1. Blogs Generate Traffic

People do read blogs and you’re one of them. So, it’s out of sorts why they shouldn’t in future. That’s another thing if you haven’t any important or valuable to say to them. Or perhaps, what you think important is not all that important for your readers.

How do readers come to your blog? There are two ways:

  • Via search engines: For business topics, you need keyword research. You need to know exactly what people are after and what terms they use for searching. Use those keywords in your posts. The more you include keywords naturally, the more chances of them coming to your site via search engines.
  • Via RSSfeed: RSS readers is the second best way to invite readers to your blog. It includes your existing readers who don’t want to miss a thing published on your blog. Through RSS feed, they keep note of new posts on subscribed blogs. So, utilize RSS feeds to drive readers to your website and blog.
  1. You can Build Links

Informative blog posts are the best sources to generate inbound links to the website. Twitter helps pass around URLs. In this way, a valuable information on the blog in one corner of the world travels at the speed of light (or faster) to the other corner.

  • Once they know you have something for them, they’ll get linked and you get links.
  • People include links to your blog or some of them (those with no blogs) will pass the information on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and others).
  • You post will be accessible from industry-specific sites as well as your competitors.

People like to share information and links is the source they always use.

  1. You Promote Your Knowledge Via Blogs

You can share what you know with the help of blogs. You are sure aware that any industry gives value to knowledgeable people and trusts their words. So, you can use your knowledge to promote your business and blog, and make it standout by sharing deep knowledge on industry related topics.

You can share tips and tricks, tidbits, strategies, instructions, tutorials, because they’ll bring credibility to your content. When you have a lot of such content, convert it into an eBook, or a library perhaps.

  1. Blogs Help People

If you’re to humble not to acknowledge that you have loads of information, think the other way round. You can help people by sharing what you already know. As you promote your knowledge, you’re helping others in their life, sports or business.

With your tips, you can bring some valuable information to people who wouldn’t know them otherwise. So, make life easier for the people out there and, in return, become famous.

  1. Create Brand Loyalty

It depends how often you utilize your blog. The rule of the thumb is, the more you blog, the better it is for your brand and customer loyalty. Not all blog posts should be designed to sell your product, but when your customers get valuable information from you, they will keep coming back for more.

During the entire period of blogging without getting conversion, you are going through brand building. When you get that brand recognition, it turns into perception and become a source of word-of-mouth marketing. And you know, word-of-mouth marketing is always the best ploy for any brand.

  1. Your Sales will Increase

You have a business and you’re basic motive is to increase sales. How come blog gives you sales? Yes, the purpose of blog is not to sell directly, rather it’s an indirect means to build customers’ perception and turn them into valuable customers for long.

When you start getting links, you’re actually getting more readers. Your reach will expand and so will be your sales.


Obviously, blogs take time to mature and return. You need time to write a content and make it compelling enough for the readers. But it’s always a good way to say “I am Unique”. So, don’t hesitate to show you have that X-factor and blogging will help you get that differential advantage.