A Skin Will Keep The Pro In Your Pro Retina


You dropped a considerable amount of money on your MacBook Pro Retina 15”. How could you say no to the upgrades that allow you to Turbo Boost the 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 into a 3.7GHz with 6MB shared L3 cache? It’s well worth the price tag, considering how smoothly it runs all of your apps and programs you use (simultaneously) throughout a work day. But when you spend this much on a computer, you want to make sure it lasts. To keep your MacBook looking as if it’s fresh out of the box, you need to invest in a little vinyl-inspired protection. Pro Retina skins are the only way to keep you laptop looking clean and stylish.

It’s inevitable that your computer will see some damage in its lifetime. Every time you lug it from home to work to the coffee shop down the street, you’re opening a door that leads to scratches, stains, bumps, spills, and dirt. These risk taking your once-pristine looking MacBook and turning it into a hunk of junk. When your laptop also plays double duty as the family’s laptop, used for Sunday movie nights, homework sessions, and quick Google searches for the best recipes, chances are your Pro Retina isn’t going to stay mint for long.

A vinyl skin can prolong the spotless look of your Pro Retina until you’re ready to upgrade it for the next generation in Apple technology. (Knowing Apple that could be sooner than you think!). It’s unassuming in its looks, as it’s only a thin piece of 3M vinyl, but the material is strong enough to stand up against your toughest handling. It will absorb the sharp edges of keys, pens, and corners and keep them from creating a fracture in the body of your MacBook. It will also protect against everyday grease, smudge, and stains that your Pro Retina tends to attract with the added bonus of enhancing your grip around the computer. Your palms naturally grab onto the vinyl, making it a little harder to drop your laptop.

Considering the role in your Pro Retina’s longevity, you’d think that they would rival the cost of the laptop itself, but you can find reasonably priced skins in no time at all. Simply open up Safari and search for the best skin providers. Your search will bring up plenty of names and URLs, like dbrand.com/shop/macbook-pro-retina-15 that can point you in the right direction. As you compare the price points and specs, you’ll want to keep in mind the qualities you want in a skin. You want 3M vinyl that’s been precision cut (to allow for superior coverage), is easy to apply, and comes at a price under $50.

It comes as an added bonus that you can customize your skins, choosing from colours and textures that can take your Pro Retina from the average Apple product to a computer that’s unique and reflective your own style. Before you start bringing your MacBook everywhere you go, outfit it with a quality-made vinyl skin, and you’ll never have to worry about damaging it on your travels.