Which are the features of one of the best CRM software in India?


Although the business markets across the world differ greatly, there are certain solutions designed to offer perfect automation of processes, regardless of the area of the world in which an enterprise activates in. This is the case of the amazing bpm’online CRM software, is said to be one of the best CRM software in India as well. It offers reliable process automation capabilities for all activity spheres in a company and businesses of all kinds seem to experience increased profits from investing in such products. From sales force automation, to marketing automation and customer relations automation capabilities, these products work amazingly, regardless of the domain in which a company activates in. But below are some of the best features and advantages offered by some of the best CRM software products in India.

Customer segmentation abilities

Depending on certain parameters, the companies can create a throughout market segmentation, in order to benefit from improved communication and customer relations advantages. These products allow building custom segmentation depending on:

  • Industry;
  • Priority;
  • Revenue;
  • Age group;
  • Geographical coordinates and any other parameters you choose.

Using this adaptable tool, each enterprise can filter and adapt the results in which they are interested in, improving the time parameters which are necessary for accomplishing some of the most complex tasks they may be taking place inside a company. Some of the most reliable CRM products in India are the Pipedrive, Microsoft CRM and, of course, the already-notorious bpm’online CRM software.

Location-targeted knowledge base

These features help new employees get acquired with the practices in a company. The database is generally designed as a social media platform, where employees can find out the best presentation methods and approaches, depending on the area in which they activate, can like and share de materials found there and so on. These features enable employees become more skilful and knowledgeable and work more effectively throughout the marketing, selling and consulting with the clients. All these wouldn’t be possible without an intelligent system to assist them during the most difficult steps of the process.


Increased lead qualification capabilities

In terms of sales automation features, these software products are able to deliver measurable results when it comes down to leads and their quality. The sales teams are now able to identify with success which leads are ready for sales, and which are not, and this enables the teams to cut considerable amounts of time usually spend on guessing these variables. These CRM systems will provide valuable information for the sales force, while automating a vast part of the processes involved in this. Insightful intelligence is the word of rule when it comes to some of the best CRM systems in India.

Everything useful packed into a single product

Some of the best CRM systems are designed in such a fashion to satisfy a multitude of needs at once. For instance, some of those have incorporated three different products into them, like so:

  • A sales force automation tool – will provide the sales teams to automate the sales processes.
  • A marketing automation tool – will provide the marketing teams with all the necessary resources for a successful lead management.
  • A customer relations automation tool – will provide all the necessary tools and out-of-the-box processes to improve their customer relations capabilities.

These are three of the most accentuated advantages offered by these products. However, not all CRM databases are the same and you should assess your enterprises’ profile and areas to improve before investing in a product or another. Choose carefully, in order to have the best outcome.