Guide and Review on Movavi Programs


Movavi is a company that specialized in launching video and photo software designed for beginners.  All Movavi programs are designed with a simple interface to ensure that customers quickly get familiar in using all the tools without any difficulty. Some of the most popular Movavi programs are Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Video Converter and Movavi Photo Editor.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to record and edit your own movies for sharing with friend and publishing online. You can edit your video on a timeline that can support unlimited video tracks.  Movavi Video Editor comes with powerful tools that allows you to create eye catching videos that will grab your audience’s attention. You can make the video exciting by adding creative artistic effects.

In Movavi Video Editor, there is a screen recording tool that can convert the desktop screen into a work area where you can demonstrate things and have them recorded into a video. The screen recorder offers a customizable scheduling feature where you can set the timer when to start and stop recording. You can record sound from your audio speakers or microphone. while recording the desktop screen.

Movavi Video Converter is a batch video converter software that allow you to import a huge number of video files and apply the same setting over them. For example, if you have a folder that contains one hundred PNG photos, you can click the Watch Folder button to have the entire folder of photos imported and convert them into a format like JPG to reduce the photo sizes so that you can save space. It is also able to convert audio and images files from one format to another in batch. Get more details at

Movavi Video Converter include the Movavi Video Editor. You can open the Movavi Video Editor by clicking the edit button in the listing of the video files opened in the software. Movavi Video Editor Suite includes Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Video Converter and Movavi Slideshow Creator. Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to create slideshows to bring back memories on special occasions. You can also use it to create business slideshows that showcase your products to the prospective customers.

Movavi Photo Editor allows you to edit your photos by erasing the unwanted details that is obstructing the view of the main subjects. For example, you can erase off the birds that are flying in the sky in the photo with the object removal tool. Erasing unwanted objects in the photo has been made so much easier as you just need to mark the unwanted object in red and click the erase button to delete it so that it won’t be seen in the photo anymore.

Movavi Photo Editor also allows you to crop out a particular object in the photo that you would like to use individually. The cropped out object can have a transparent background or the background replaced with another photo. Besides, Movavi Photo Editor also allow you to make basic edits on the photos like rotate or crop.