Is it really worth to conduct an MS Excel Assessment test?


Needless to say, that in the world of digitalization and advanced technology, there are many things which a candidate needs to make himself aware about. Talking of which, be it small scale company or large scale, computer is one such technology on which maximum number of people depends. There are different software’s installed in it which makes it quite easy and convenient to work and get the accurate solution without much problem. Talking of which, employers always prefer to go ahead with the assessment that also includes technical clarification. If you are not really sure about the important assessment test that needs to be kept, then certainly you are at the right page.

Know some important facts associated with the excel test that is usually conducted for the interviews:

It is important that you conduct a common interactive test that can help you understand whether the candidate has actually got the real understanding about the Microsoft software such as Microsoft excel. It is important that you ask about the tasks that can easily be handled on the Excel spread sheet or say Excel simulation interface.

There are different types of test span and one of them that is ruling in today’s time is the multiple choice with certain time limit. In this time span, the candidate needs to actually clear the test as quick as possible while clearing maximum questions without much hassle. This will help you understand if the lists of candidates who have actually come for the interview are really aware about the characteristics of the software or not.

For some employers, it is also a convenient option to have an excel assessment test that has the number of series of test which needs to be completed by using the application process. Most of the people usually includes the typing skill test and excel formulas test

Conducting the Excel Tests by Levels:

If your company does not really rely much on the excel assessment but have some things that needs to be well organized or maintained through excel then a basic or beginner test needs to be done. It is usually advised for those applying for the clerical position whose topic may vary from using the simple excel functioning till formatting the layout and cells.

Then is the intermediate level which is a perfect blend of advance and basic level. It is important to assess whether the candidate has the basic knowledge of excel and along with it can also practice the advances level without depending much on the expert.

Then comes the advanced level which is only for those whose most of the job will actually rely one excel. For such type of test, it is important to understand if the person has got knowledge associated with macro creation, pivot table, functioning, filtration and even Vlook to name a few.

Most of the employees generally have to undergo the technical assessment before clearing up with the job interview process. With the help of some samples and questionnaire, it becomes quite convenient for them to practice. However, as an employer, you need to understand that unless you have a good test ready, you can’t really conduct an assessment. That is why, study well about ms excel assessment test or speak with the expert who can actually help you create a meaningful assessment in the right manner.