How to Use Paid Search for a Better Growth in Your Digital Marketing Business?


In today’s world, there is an endless variety of methods to grow your digital marketing and one of them is leveraging online ads. For a guaranteed boosting of traffic, there is the option of paid search advertisement that significantly increases the chances of web visibility.

What paid search does is allow you to pay for your website so that it appears on search result pages or engines like Google. When you search for some specific keywords, do you remember the ‘ad’ symbols that come along with a few specific results that remain on top? They are the ad specific search and are different from the organic search results. Previously, the paid search results and the organic search results could be contrasted with each other easily as the former was distinguished by a different colour. Now due to the addition of just the ‘ad’ symbol, users are more likely to choose the paid search results than before due to the reduced differences in display.


Two major paid search tools:

Cost per impression (CPM): this is the page impression created for the number of times your ad appears on the SERPs. Therefore, the advertiser has to pay for every time his/her ad appears on the page; CPM does not need customers to click through.

Cost per click (CPC): this cost is about paying the search engine for every time a consumer clicks on your ad that has appeared on the SERPs.

How to know the target keywords and analyze their worth?

Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of the paid search as the tactic does not involve any major expense yet still requires some amount of research to make it effective. Hence, before the initiation of a paid search campaign, it is important toorganise the account structure into campaigns and then they are divided into groups to combine ads with target keywords.

As one of the prime paid search tools, target keywords are to be thoroughly searched and tested to make them most effective in the paid search advertisement. When using tools like Google AdWords, there are certain negative keywords for which you do not want your ad to be displayed when such keywords are typed.

Nonetheless, you should invest a good amount of time to understand which of them represent your website best on the search engine results; you could even take the help of keyword tool in AdWords or of the Google Insights tools for some suggestions.

Can your business survive without paid search advertisement?

As mentioned above there are several online tools and methods to increase traffic and boost the website’s visibility, and one of the crucial ones of them is the paid search advertisement. In terms of survival, your company would survive without a paid search; however, it is more likely to get lost in the web of severe competition.

SUMMARY: Paid search increases your website’s visibility by bringing it at the top of the SERPs. Therefore, as organic results descent rapidly down the search results, it is crucial that your website appears at the top for having a chance of better click-through rates.